BRIUS is the fastest way to a beautiful smile.

The BRIUS system installed on a model of teeth with an open jaw taken from above.BRIUS is a new, truly invisible orthodontic treatment option that is placed behind the teeth by an orthodontist. BRIUS works twice as fast as traditional braces or aligners, and delivers the same beautiful smile. This is possible with the patented individualized BRIUS arms which glide each tooth directly to its final position. BRIUS is placed behind the teeth and is truly invisible, so no one will know your teen is in orthodontic treatment. Best of all, the individual BRIUS arms make flossing and brushing a breeze since there are no wires connecting the teeth. Unlike braces, BRIUS requires no painful adjustments. This means that rather than spending up to 2 years in braces or aligners, treatment with BRIUS is usually finished in 1 year or less with fewer time-consuming visits to the doctor.